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  1. Unique Cultural Tourism
  2. Icheon-dong Antiquities Street

Icheon-dong Antiquities Street

Icheon-dong Antique Street
  • Location
    Across from the Waterworks Headquarters next to Camp Henry, near the Geondeulbawi Intersection (wheelchair accessiblewheelchair accessible )
  • Section
    Geondeulbawi Intersection ~ Go towards the Camp Henry Back Gate (Namgu District Office ~ Go towards the Camp Henry Back Gate ~ Geondeulbawi Intersection)
  • Contact
    053-664-3252(Department of cultural tourism)

Detailed Description

Detailed Description - Description, What to See Nearby
Description In the 1960s, this street was a hub for the trading of cultural items, and even today, it boasts many folk goods, ceramics, and pieces of antique furniture. There are also many utensils on display that were used in daily life years ago, but are now unfamiliar, offering visitors a delightful and entertaining look at the past. The Antiquities Street is especially popular among foreign visitors, and Japanese tourists are known to visit the area with maps and leaflets in hand. Korean antique art is well-loved and appreciated by foreign tourists, which further emphasizes the need for Korean people to take an interest in and cultivate affection for Korean antiquities. The street is a worthwhile destination for anyone with an interest in ancient art and antiques.
What to See Nearby * 39 Trading Houses for Cultural Properties (within Icheon-dong)
* Seonhakwon, Seobongsa Temple
* Daebong Reservoir (Registered Cultural Property No. 251)
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자료 담당자 :
문화관광과 차명아 664-3252
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