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26th Daedeokje Festival

Daedeokje Festival
  • Event venue
    Apsan Ppallaeteo (Washing Place) Park, Apsan Food Town
  • Event period
    Early May
  • Event information
    he Daedeok Festival, which began on April 11, 1987, was the first festival in Korea to be hosted on the district (gu) level, and today is one of Daegu’s most prominent local festivals. This year’s festival will not only feature the traditional street parade, “Night of the Laundry” (a laundry demonstration/performance showing how laundry was traditionally done by hand), and interactive booths, but also several new events such as the樂 Percussion (Doodeurim contest), a pet parade, a traditional Korean marriage ceremony demonstration, madangnori (traditional street games), Ppallaeteo RPG, and more.

Event information

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Event nameThe 26th DaedeokFestival
Event periodApr. 27, 2019 (Sat)–28 (Sun) / 13:00–21:00
Hosted byCultural Event Committee, Nam-gu Office
Event description

On April 11, 1987, the Daedeokje Festival became the first festival to be held at the district level. Today, it has become a regional festival representative of Daegu with a proud history and tradition of 32 years.

The festival is usually held in early May, when the flowers on the Retusa Fringetrees (the symbol of Nam-gu) are in full bloom, and is an event deeply beloved by locals. It is held in various spaces throughout the district, including the Daedeok Culture Center, the District Citizens’ Sports Plaza, the area surrounding Apsan Mountain and the banks of Sincheon (Stream), the Daemyeong-dong campus of Keimyung University, and Daemyeong Performance Culture Street.

Initially, Daedeokje Festival was a sports competition for district citizens, but since the 17th Daedeokje Festival in 2006, a variety of cultural programs have been added with the goal of restoring its status as a festival for all citizens. In 2008, the framework for transforming the Daedeokje Festival into a festival to “Become One by Working Together” was established.

For the 22nd Daedeokje Festival in 2015, a monumental change was attempted. It was held at Apsan Ppallaeteo Park and in an area along Apsan Food Trail under the theme “Daegu Apsan Ppallaeteo Festival: Cleansing our hearts.” This was an effort to differentiate it from other festivals by emphasizing its historical and cultural theme, and was highly acclaimed as a great success.

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