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Apsan Ppallaeteo Park

Apsan Ppallaeteo (Washing Place) Park
  • Location
    Apsan Pallaeteo Park, Daemyeong 6-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu(wheelchair accessible wheelchair accessible )
  • Section
    Across from Apsan Ilsan Academy (former Daegu Bank Institute)
  • Contact
    053-664-3262(Department of cultural tourism)

Detailed Description

Detailed Description - Description, Things to see nearby, Transportation
DescriptionThe city park that was once located in this place was abandoned due to the expansion of the Apsan Beltway. However, it was reborn as a new park with fitness facilities, water fountain, and numerous amenities, along with the Ppallaeteo, a site where women did their washing in the old days. It has now become a peaceful place for nearby residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
Things to see nearbyApsan mat dulle-gil, Apsan Café Street
TransportationBus: Dalseo4, Dalseo4-1, 410-1, Dalseo2
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자료 담당자 :
공원녹지과 정주형 664-2862
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