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Site of the Yeongsunmot Pond

Site of the Yeongsunmot Pond
  • Location
    Daemyeong-dong, Namgu, Daegu

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description

The Yeongsun Market and the neighboring area of Daemyeong-2-dong were originally the site of the Yeongsunmot Pond. According to legend, a long time ago there was a guru who was passing by the site. After examining the shape of the land, he sought out the governor of the land and said, “Sir! You must never build houses on this land, or else great sorrow will befall the village.

However, if you build a huge pond over the course of 12 years, great joy will come to the village.” At first, the governor did not believe him, but being a man with a great love for his people, he began to use his personal wealth to dig a pond on the site. He dug the pond for 12 years. The people grew weary of the pond construction and began to complain. However, the governor said nothing and continued to build the pond for 12 whole years without offering an explanation. Then, he blocked the water flowing from Daedeoksan Mountain, filling the pond. The pond enabled the village to escape from the floods of the summer monsoon, while offering them access to water for farming during the dry season. This was undoubtedly a great joy for the village. The village people enjoyed riding boats and fishing in the pond as recently as 50 years ago. But some 40 years ago, the pond was filled with earth, and Yeongsun Market was built on the site. Yeongsun Market, which flourished in the past, has gotten much smaller and less populated as the houses nearby have begun to age.

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