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Patriot Lee Siyoung Memorial

Patriot Lee Siyoung Memorial
  • Location
    456 Apsansunhwan-ro (Daemyeong-dong), Namgu, Daegu
  • Pen name
  • Directions
    From Banwoldang Station, take Bus 410-1 towards Apsan Park from (40 min)

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description,Chronology
Description This memorial honors Lee Siyoung (1882–1919), who led the struggle against the Japanese by founding the Korean Liberation Association.
  • 1882: Born in Daegu
  • 1906: Exiled to China and founded a patriotic society
  • 1914: Led a movement against the Japanese in Beijing
  • 1919: Participated in the March 1st Independence Movement and died at the age of 38
  • 1963: Posthumously awarded a Presidential Citation
공공누리 유형안내
자료 담당자 :
문화관광과 임창규 664-2174
최근자료수정일 :

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