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Samgakji Negeori Theme Park

Samgaknegeori Theme Park
  • Location
    Daemyeong-dong (Samgak Negeori), Nam-gu, Daegu (wheelchair accessiblewheelchair accessible )
  • Section
    Keimyung University Negeori–Apsan Negeori
  • Inquiries
    Urban Regeneration Department (664-2858)

Detailed Description

Detailed Description - Description, Things to see nearby, Transportation
DescriptionSamgaknegeori was once one of the least developed areas in downtown Nam-gu. Having undergone a scenic transformation, it has now become a beautiful place characterized by the harmony between the lights and water in the area and is contributing to the vitalization of the local economy. “Gabenori,” the huge 16-meter-tall, 18-meter-wide sculpture that can be found here, was the winner of a design competition and symbolizes Daegu, a city renowned for its diversity and the quality of its textiles. The sculpture is particularly breathtaking at night.
Things to see nearbyDaemyeong Performance street
TransportationBus: 106, 300, 518, 609, 651, Dalseo2
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자료 담당자 :
도시재생과 이경옥 664-2852
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