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  3. Seongdangmot Station Plaza

Seongdangmot Station Plaza

Seongdangmot Station Plaza
  • Location
    Area near the West Intercity Bus Terminal( wheelchair accessible)
  • Section
    Keimyung University Negeori–Apsan Negeori
  • Inquiries
    Urban Regeneration Department (664-2852)

Detailed Description

Detailed Description - Description, Things to see nearby, Transportation
DescriptionSeongdangmot Station is a station of the Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation (DTRO) in Nam-gu, Daegu. Its name comes from the nearby Seongdangmot in Duryu Park, and the station is directly connected to Exit 3 of the West Intercity Bus Terminal. The floating population is quite high around the bus terminal due to the nearby Gwanmun Market and numerous fashion stores.
Things to see nearbyGwanmun Market, Duryu Park, E-World
Facility statusFountain, “sitting wall,” trees, shrubs, flowering plants, etc.
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자료 담당자 :
도시재생과 이경옥 664-2852
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