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  2. Apsan Sunrise Festival

Apsan Sunrise Festival

Apsan Sunrise Festival
  • Event venue
    Of Sincheon Stream (between Jungdonggyo Bridge and Sangdonggyo Bridge)
  • Event period
    sunrise on January 1 every year
  • Event description
    Held on January 1 every year, the Apsan New Year’s Sunrise Festival is where locals and visitors from other regions gather to see the first sunrise of the New Year and make their New Year’s resolutions. The diverse events of the festival program, which include a congratulatory speech, an incense lighting and offering ceremony, and performances of famous local singers and performance teams, create an atmosphere of celebration to welcome the new year. Until 2013, the Apsan New Year’s Sunrise Festival was held on Sanseongsan Mountain, but since 2014, it has been held on the west bank of Sincheon Stream and was renamed the “Sincheon New Year’s Sunrise Festival.” This change of venue has made the festival more accessible, enabling greater numbers of citizens to participate and allowing the festival to continue serving as a place for regional communication and festivities.

Event information

Event information - Hosted by, Supervised by, Timeline, Additional events
Hosted byNam-gu Office
Supervised byDaedeok Cultural Center

2005–2009: Hosted by the Namgu Cultural Center / supervised by the Daedeok Cultural Center

Jan. 1, 2016: Hosted by Nam-gu Office, Daegu Metropolitan City / supervised by the Daedeok Cultural Center

Auxiliary events Folk song performances, incense offering ceremony, pungmul-nori performance, “Balloons of Hope” event, etc.
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