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Icheon-dong Dolmens

Icheon-dong Dolmens
  • Location
    Icheon-dong, Namgu, Daegu

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description

Dolmens (stone formations) are one of the major relics of the Bronze Age. There are a number of dolmens scattered around the alluvial land of the Shincheon Stream and the Geumhogang River that flow through Daegu. These dolmens are categorized into four groups (A, B, C, and D) according to their position and topographic condition.

Of these dolmens, the ones located in what is now Incheon-dong are part of a larger cluster of dolmens located around the Shincheon Stream (Group A) and are associated with Namgu.

The dolmens that lie scattered throughout Icheon-dong were discovered during a historical review of the area conducted in 1938 during the Japanese Colonial Era. The dolmens were originally called the “Daebong-dong Dolmens,” but since the name of the local area is Icheon-dong, it is more accurate to call them the “Icheon-dong Dolmens.”

Of these dolmens, Icheon-dong Dolmen Cluster #4, for which a re-investigation report was issued in 1991, shows a relatively clear structure. In this dolmen, three stones stand above the ground, while numerous sarcophaguses are found underneath.

The three stones above the ground are in the shape of an elevated triangle. The largest of the three stones stands in the center, with a second stone 5.5 m to the south and a third stone 4 m to the northeast.

In this same cluster, sarcophaguses of varying sizes are located beneath each of the three main stones. Various relics, including jade from the front part of a crown, flint arrowheads, and earthenware have been excavated from the site.

Based on an examination of the Icheon-dong dolmens and excavated relics, it is presumed that small-size communities with different social ranks inhabited the area during the Bronze Age and the years that followed.

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