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  1. Unique Cultural Tourism
  2. Culture and Arts Saengakdaero

Culture and Arts Saengakdaero

Culture and Arts Saenggak-daero
  • Location
    Yeungdae Negeori – Myeongdeok Negeori / Ilwon Youth Culture Center(wheelchair accessiblewheelchair accessible)
  • Period of construction
    2011 - 2015
  • Cost of construction
    10 billion KRW
  • Inquiries
    Urban Regeneration Department (664-2802)

Detailed Description

Detailed Description - Description , What to See Nearby, Transportation
Description Joongangdae-ro (the road that goes from the Yeongdeok Intersection to Myeongdeok Intersection) and the surrounding area were refurbished as a pedestrian-only street designed in various themes. Along this street, the car lanes have been reduced, the sidewalks have been expanded, and the retaining wall has been improved. These improvements, along with the creation of a green arcade, have transformed the street into a pleasant place where people can come and gather.
Project overview

Reduced car lanes and expanded sidewalk to create a pedestrian-only street

Improved retaining wall and installation of a green arcade to create a place for gatherings

Promotion of programs utilizing the city’s well-established culture and arts infrastructure

What to See Nearby Samgakji Intersection Themed Park, Antiquities Alley, Yeongseon Market

By subway (Line 1): Yeungnam University Medical Center Station, Seoul National University of Education Station, Myeongdeok Station

By bus: Sunhwan (Circulation) 3 (3-1), 349, 405, 410 (410-1), 452, 503, 564, 604, 649, 805

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자료 담당자 :
도시재생과 조정훈 053-664-2806
최근자료수정일 :

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