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Daemyeongdan Site

Daemyeongdan Site
  • Location
    306 Apsansunhwan-ro (Daemyeong-dong), Namgu, Daegu

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description

Dusachung was a man from Dureung, China who had come to Joseon as part of the reinforcements sent under Admiral Lee Yeo-song of the Ming Dynasty, during the Japanese Invasion of 1592. As Lee’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Dusachung’s main job was to study the topography of the land and set up military camp. He returned home after the Japanese invasion was subdued, but returned with Jinrin, his brother-in-law, when the Japanese invaded again in 1597. After the invasion was suppressed, he accompanied Jinrin to the Aprok River, and with the words, “I would rather remain here and become a citizen of Joseon than go home as a servant of the barbarians (Qing Dynasty)” he became naturalized as a Joseon national. At Dusachung’s naturalization, the royal court gifted him the land that is now Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park as a special reward for his services and allowed him to live there. When Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park was relocated, Dusachung moved to Gyesandong, and the area surrounding Gyesandong became the village of the Du Clan; members of the Du Clan have lived in this area ever since.

Dusachung lived in comfort during the Joseon Period and the years that followed, but he never forgot the wife and children he had left at home. He moved his residence to the foot of Chwejeongsan Mountain (currently Daedeoksan) and named the neighborhood “Daemyeong,” (meaning “Great Myeong”) to reflect his thoughts of the Qing Dynasty, his home. On the first and fifteenth day of every month, it is said that he paid his respects to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

Even now, Daemyeongdan is presumed to have been at the foot of Choijeongsan (Daedeoksan Mountatin), but no records have been found that clearly pinpoint the location of the original site. However, related records were recently found, titled Records of Momyeong’s Visit to Korea (Momyeong Seonsaeng Raehans Sagibal). These records, written by Dusachang’s 14th descendant, who was named Dunamtaek, showed that the original location was to the west of the racetrack at the foot of Choijeongsan Mountain. Based on these records, it is presumed that Daemyeongdan was initially located at the village entrance to the west of today’s old racetracks in #306 Daemyeong-11dong, Namgu.

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문화관광과 임창규 664-2174
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