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Nakdong River Battle Victory Memorial

Nakdong River Battle Victory Memorial
  • Location
    456 Apsansunhwan-ro (Daemyeong-dong), Namgu, Daegu
  • Facilities
    Site 3,297 pyeong (10,899m2), one memorial building (three-story building, total floor space 620 pyeong (2,050m2), one monument) (monument in honor of the Student Volunteer Troops who fought in the Korean War)
  • Manager
    Korea Freedom Federation Daegu Branch Regional President

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description

The Nakdong River Battle Memorial was constructed on May 1, 1979 to honor the patriotic spirits of those who fought and won the Nakdong River Battle (a key battle for protecting the Nakdong River, one of Korea’s last lines of defense), and those who had fallen to protect Daegu. Also known as “Seunggonggwan,” the memorial also exhibits relics and materials from the war, teaching the painful lessons of the Korean War to citizens and raising awareness of the importance of maintaining the capabilities needed for Korea to defend its national independence.

The Daegu Branch of the Korea Freedom Federation operates the program “Democratic Citizen Education in Preparation for Unification for High School Students” in order to teach younger generations about the horrors of fratricidal war and to instill in them a patriotic spirit. The organization operates 150 educational sessions per year, providing unification and security education to some 33,000 high school students in Daegu City.

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