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  3. 이윤수 시비

이윤수 시비

Monument of Yi Yoonsoo
  • Location
    574-114 Apsansunhwan-ro (Bongdeok-dong), Namgu, Daegu
  • Pen name
  • Directions
    From Banwoldang Station, take Bus 410-1 towards Apsan Park (40 min)

Detailed Information

Detailed Information - Description,Chronology, Monument

Poet Yi Yoonsoo, who was said to be honest to a fault, was devoted to the poetry club Jooksoongurakbu he had founded. During his lifetime, Yi Yoonsoo enjoyed places filled with the spirit of youth and frequented German-style pubs that were often crowded with younger patrons. Many people tried to deter him from going to these pubs, claiming that a man his age did not belong in such places, but he would adamantly refuse to listen, saying that he had as much right as everybody else to be there since he was paying for his own drinks. Poet Yi Yoonsoo is also known for his legendary skill at brewing coffee at Myeongguemdang. He is also known for climbing up to Cheonji, a lake at the summit of Baekdusan Mountain, in 1990, where he emotionally waved the Jooksoon flag. During this same hike, he named a rock that looked like a bear, “Gombawi” (Bear Rock).

In March 2000, a monument in honor of Yi was constructed on the opposite side of the Nakdong River Battle Victory Museum in Apsan Park.

  • 1914: Born in Daegu
  • 1938: Started his literary career through a Japanese poetry circle
  • 1945: Published the first issue of literary magazine Jooksoon
  • 1948: Pursued the construction of a monument for poet Lee Sang-hwa in Dalseong Park
  • 1973: Founded the memorial meeting for deceased artisans from North Gyeongsang Province
  • 1997: Died

[Yi Yoonso’s poem “Waves” engraved on the monument in Apsan Park]

Caressing the spring chased by the sea breeze
Alone, I lie on the sand
And count the grains.
Eternal sun and moon
Are like waves that flow and ebb
Try and try as I might to understand
The life of man
The seeds of love, sadness, and agony
Wash ashore like waves.

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